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From Earth:

"My 8 year old volunteered at Pat's event and got a copy of his signed book. He hasn't stopped reading it since he has been back from school. And is ridiculously pumped about the whole event!"

Aparna D.

“Day made. One of my former kindergarteners, now high schooler, published his first children's book! He came and spoke to our kindergartners, first & second graders today and stopped by to see me! Get your copy of this adorable book on Amazon!”

Kim M.

“Thank you for sharing your talent with the kids of Sol Feinstone Elementary, but mostly for being such a positive role model!”

Sol Feinstone Elementary PTO

“Was so in love with this book! Child author who saved all his original artwork from when he was even younger. Great fun story.”

Allison R.

“As a new grandmother, I've been stocking up on books to read to my grandson when he visits. The colorful illustrations will keep him interested while I read to him about the adventures on Monsteria. I personally loved the brotherly-love message and can't wait to share this with him!”

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“So glad the author saved these remarkable illustrations created when he was just 9 years old and decided to put them in a story book form. The book brought a smile to my face. Enjoyed reading.”

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From Monsteria:

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